Jane's Walk

Walking tours by and for the citizens

Jane's Walk is a movement of free walking tours inspired by Jane Jacobs. The walks get people to tell stories about their communities, explore their cities, and connect with neighbours. The tours are led by citizens and organizations and provide a better understanding of the city by offering overviews of local history, urban planning and civic involvement, by walking, observing and discussing. Jane’s Walk encourages people to tell stories about their neighborhoods, explore the city and interact with their neighbors.

The annual event takes place on the first weekend of may

Jane’s Walk is celebrated all over the world. The festive weekend takes place every year on the first week-end in May. In 2019, it will be on May 3trd 4th and 5th. It is now possible to propose a walk!

Jane’s Walk is led by Montréal enthusiasts

Individuals, groups and organizations are invited to join Jane’s Walk by proposing guided tours on any topic. The guides themselves are free to choose their own itinerary, points of interest and stories about a neighborhood, an issue, etc.
Jane’s Walk organizers are:

  • Anyone who enjoys getting to know their city and neighbours.
  • People who want to participate in meaningful conversations about the future of their neighbourhoods.
  • People committed to building supportive communities and improving the pedestrian environment.
  • People who want to make real changes in cities and neighborhoods, such as reducing social inequality.

Jane’s Walk share a passion for the city

The objective of Jane’s Walk is to bring citizens closer to their city, interact with their neighbors, discover new neighborhoods and learn more about the urban landscape, buildings, parks, public places, monuments and every aspect of daily life. Jane’s Walk tours can be educational, and a lot of fun! You can meet your neighbours, make new friends, and exchange business cards with new contacts. You can learn something new, and share what you know. Jane's Walk lets people share their passion for the city, creates a sense of belonging and fosters civic pride.

Jane’s Walk tours :

  • Are free because guides organize them free of charge;
  • Encourage citizen involvement and leadership - everyone can lead a Jane’s Walk;
  • Focus on people's passions and observations. Walks are led by people from the neighborhood;
  • Impart a sense of belonging. Walks are inclusive, friendly and interactive. Participants have their own observations and memories in the neighborhood.

Jane’s Walks in Montréal

2019 is the 11th edition of the event in Montréal. Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montréal-Nord, Laval, Ahuntsic… many Montréal boroughs and cities of the region are in the limelight. Since 2009, 470 walks have taken place in Montréal, mobilizing nearly 10,000 Montréal aficionados.

The Montréal Urban Ecology Centre is the city organizer of the event in Montréal since 2009

The MUEC, a non-profit organization created in 1996, develops and proposes urban practices and policies to help create ecological, democratic and healthy cities.