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How to proceed?

Submit your walk.

See "Lead a walk" at the bottom of the page!

  • 1

    Think of a place you want to explore. It can be anywhere: the street where you live, a neighborhood where you like to walk, or a place that sounds interesting.

  • 2

    When walking, think of a few places along the route that would make good places to stop. What is interesting? What could attract the interest of participants?

  • 3

    Name your walk, describe the subject, and add route details, photos and accessibility notes. It will be added to the programming after validation by MUEC’s team. Take a look at the checklist. Once you have a clear idea of your walk​​, you can submit a walk : here

  • 4

    Use our promotional tools: logos, posters, press releases. Coming soon.

  • 5

    Do not forget to consult our animation tips for organizers.