Pioneers of the Picket Line: Lea Roback, Madeleine Parent, and the history of women in the labour movement. (complete)

From sweatshops to picket lines, discover the stories of women - union organizers, factory workers, community activists, radicals - who paved the way for the modern labour movement, workers' rights, and women's rights in Montreal. A special focus will be given to the work of Lea Roback and Madeleine Parent in the garment and textile industries. The walk will start at Parc Ethel Stark, corner of Prince-Arthur and Clark, and end near Mont-Royal ave.

Things to know for this walk

  • Date de départMay 6
  • Date de départ11:00
  • Durée2h
  • langue utiliséeEnglish
  • Adresse
    • 3590 rue Clark
    • Montreal
    • H2X 2R8
    • Station de metro Sherbrooke, autobus 55
  • Arrondissement ou villeLe Plateau-Mont-Royal
  • accessibilité
    • Busy side walks
  • thèmes
    • Architecture and Heritage
    • History
    • Social movement and citizenship


We have reached the limit of participants for this walk!